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PREGNANCY BELLY   This is a time in your life that will pass quickly, all though at the time it doesn't seem like it.  It is incredible to look at your belly you had cast from an onlookers view.  It actually was beautiful and huge.  Now when baby grows up, it will be able to feel the belly that held it inside and marvel at how it once lived in that space.    You can remember the changes that transformed in your body for the sake of a new life.  You can decide what you want cast.  You and the father's hand can also be included.  You can be nude or clothed in decorative material.  There is even an option of putting strategically placed removable material on nude bodies when you wish to display them in this manner.  Don't settle for mummy type belly molds.  Get the real thing, an exact replica of your actual pregnant belly in cold cast bronze or white.





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