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Give the kiss to last a lifetime.

LIPS  Everyday is a good day to tell someone you love them.  Why not do it in a way that will not only remind them for the rest of their lives but is so distinctive that it will be the topic of conversation for years to come.  A lifecasting of YOUR lips is a better way to say I love you  than candy,  it lasts longer than flowers and our "My Lips" jewelry is more personal than jewelry bought at the store.  How about having YOUR lips lifecast into a cold cast bronze sculpture?  Your puckered lips preserved for your loved one forever.   Whether it be for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, nephew, niece, friend, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, friend or yourself, it says I love you.    Not only is it a one-of-a-kind gift, it is also an exciting and fun experience.  So give your loved one a gift no one else can give them,  YOUR lips.

There are many ways to display this art.  You can get it as a magnet, on a picture frame, a paperweight or even as a pendant. 

So show someone  you love them....

                                                                                   or not.

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